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Role play: At the doctor's office


A continuación, leamos al diálogo entre Cesar y su doctor. Al final, tendrás un par de preguntas de compresión para reforzar la lectura.

Dialogue—At the doctor’s office

Doctor: Cesar? You can come in.

Cesar enters the doctor’s office

Cesar: Hi doctor.

Doctor: Hello Cesar. Tell me, what brings you here today?

Cesar: Well, I came here today because of the color of my eyes. Can you see how red they are?

Doctor: I can see that. Since when have you noticed this?

Cesar: Two days ago, they started itching a lot. And since then, I cannot go one minute without them itching. I guess there is an infection or something. And I thought to myself: I must see a doctor asap.

Doctor: And you did well coming in today. But you shouldn’t touch your eyes, young man.

Cesar: I know! But it’s difficult not wanting to do it.

Doctor: I understand. I want to take a look at that. Come with me.

Doctor examines Cesar’s eyes

Doctor: Have you done something unusual lately?

Cesar: I was on vacation until last weekend. I went on a cruise!

Doctor: Did you go to the pool?

Cesar: Yes, every day!

Doctor: That must have been the problem. You have to be careful when you go to a pool with many people. It must be the chlorine in the water.

Cesar: Ah! I didn’t think about that!

Doctor: That’s okay, it’s nothing serious. I’ll prescribe you some medicine and everything will be fine in two days.

Cesar: What kind of medicine?

Doctor: You must use these drops for the next five days. Twice a day. And use a cotton swab with saline solution at least three times a day to clean
your eyes if it starts itching.

Cesar: Ok! So I would like to repeat and see if I understood. I have to use the drops for five days, twice a day, and also clean my eyes at least three times a day. That’s it?

Doctor: Correct. And you should keep your hands as far away from your eyes as possible.

Cesar: Thanks doctor!

Ejercicio de comprensión de lectura

Con base en la lectura del diálogo, responde estas preguntas:

  1. Why does Cesar have red eyes? / ¿Por qué Cesar tiene los ojos rojos?
  2. What kind of medicine does he need, and how often must he use it? / ¿Qué tipo de medicina debía tomar? ¿Con qué frecuencia?

Respuestas (intenta resolverlo por tu cuenta antes de ver esta sección):

  1. He swam in a chlorinated pool.
  2. Some drops. He must use a cotton swab with saline solution. The drops, twice a day. The cotton, three times a day.

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