How to form comparative adjectives



Comparative Adjectives


One and two syllables

  • General rule: add -er (comparative)
Adjective Comparative
tall taller
long longer


  1. Sarah is taller than Josy.
  2. Titanic is longer than Shrek.
  • If the adjective ends in e, add -r
Adjective Comparative
nice nicer
large larger


  1. Martha is nicer than Jake.
  2. Brazil is larger than Argentina.
  • If the adjective ends in CVC (consonant + single vowel + consonant), we double the final consonant and add -er
Adjective Comparative
big bigger
sad sadder


  1. Which animal is bigger than an elephant?
  2. The song ‚ÄúTears in Heaven‚ÄĚ is sadder than the song ‚ÄúHappy‚ÄĚ.
  • If the adjective ends in consonant + y, change the y to an i and add -er
Adjective Comparative
happy happier
busy busier


  1. My wedding day was happier than this party.
  2. Johnny is busier than me.

Two and three or more syllables

  • Put more in front of the adjective.
Adjective Comparative
beautiful more beautiful
perfect more perfect
expensive more expensive


  1. My daughter is more beautiful than his.
  2. That artwork is more perfect than the one we saw yesterday.
  3. We can’t fly first class. Those tickets are more expensive than the others.

List of two-syllable adjectives you can either add -er or put more in front

  • common
  • narrow
  • cruel
  • pleasant
  • gentle
  • polite
  • handsome
  • simple
  • likely
  • stupid


  1. This one is more simple than the other exercise.
  2. This one is simpler than the other exercise.
  3. Let’s ask Martin to speak to the principal. He is more polite than me.
  4. Let’s ask Martin to speak to the principal. He is politer than me.

Irregular comparatives

Adjective Comparative
bad worse
far farther / further
good better
little less
much more


  1. My grandma bakes better cookies than my mom.
  2. Nothing works! This system is worse than the previous one!

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