Role play: The most wonderful place I've visited


Presta mucha atención al diálogo que están teniendo el invitado (guest) y César. Luego, identifica los superlativos y forma una oración con cada uno de ellos.

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Diálogo usando superlativos

Guest: Hey, Cesar! How are you? Welcome back to the office! What about your vacations? Tell me everything.

Cesar: Hi Jhon! Everything is great, especially after all these days of resting! The vacations were super cool! I dare to say those were the best vacations of my life!

Guest: Really?! Where did you go?

Cesar: I went on a cruise with my family. We traveled to different places there.

Guest: That’s so nice! So tell me, what was the most beautiful view you saw?

Cesar: It was actually when I was in the middle of the ocean. Seeing the sunset from the ship was, for sure, one of the most amazing views I have ever seen.

Guest: Wow! I can imagine, Cesar. And what about the food?

Cesar: Aaaaah, the food! So good! I could try dishes from different places, but the most delicious was the seafood. We were in the Caribbean, so I ate lots of seafood.

Guest: I really enjoy the food when I’m in a hotel, but for me, the coolest part is spending time by the pool. Just to tan. You know I’m the worst swimmer, right? hahaha.

Cesar: You would have loved the pools there. There were three of them, and the nicest one was located on the highest floor! You could tan admiring the horizon.

Guest: Oh! No way! I’m afraid of heights. I can’t feel safe! That’s the worst feeling for me. To be honest, I don’t know if I would ever go on a cruise. Imagine if something happens in the middle of the ocean.

Cesar: No worries about that. I believe the crew members are the most trained people in the world. One of them told me they do drills every week, and in case of an emergency, the safest thing to do is to
follow their instructions.

Guest: That’s true! But Cesar, tell me more! What else is there to do on a cruise ship?

Cesar: There are many live concerts every night. But you know I like dancing, so the best entertainment for me was the dance productions. I felt like watching a Broadway play. The most spectacular dancers
and the most beautiful light effects.

Guest: Really? And what about your family? What were their favorite things to do?

Cesar: My mom and dad spent half of the time at the casino. For them, that was the most fun thing to do. My sister liked to participate in the trivia nights. She was the fastest at answering the questions.

Guest: I didn’t know there were so many things to do on a cruise. I’m starting to change my mind.

Cesar: And you should! It was the most exciting trip I’ve ever had!

Guest: I’m glad to hear that! And I’m glad you are back to work. We missed you here.


  • The best vacation
  • The most beautiful.
  • The most amazing.
  • The most delicious.
  • The coolest.
  • The nicest.
  • The most trained.
  • The best entertainment.
  • The most spectacular.
  • The most beautiful.
  • The most fun.
  • The fastest.
  • The most exciting.

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