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Intro: Audio class 5


Ejercicio alternativo de reading

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas según corresponda. No mires las respuestas antes de terminar. ¡Comparte tu trabajo en la sección de aportes!

Email me the report, please!

Lucy: Hey Mark! Why are you so stressed?
Mark: Because I haven’t finished the report and the meeting is in twenty minutes.
Lucy: Gee, that’s bad! Why haven’t you finished it yet?
Mark: That’s because my laptop isn’t working well, it freezes most of the time and has been causing me trouble.
Lucy: Sorry to hear that! Let me see it, please. Yeah, I see what the problem is.
Mark: Tell me. Why is it working so slow ?
Lucy: It’s because you haven’t installed any antivirus software and I’m afraid you got a virus here. Let’s do something: email me the report, please, and I’ll run the antivirus on your laptop. That’ll do.
Mark: Will it take too long?
Lucy: Around 30 minutes but don’t worry. In the meantime, you can use mine.
Mark: Thanks a million. You’re a lifesaver!


  1. What is the problem with Mark’s computer?
  2. What is Lucy’s recommendation?


  1. Mark’s computer has a virus.
  2. The recommendation is email her the report and she’ll run the antivirus on Mark’s laptop.

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