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Intro: Audio class 3


Ejercicio alternativo de reading

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas según corresponda. No mires las respuestas antes de terminar. ¡Comparte tu trabajo en la sección de aportes!

I would like to eat something

Mark: Here we are. This is the best restaurant in town. What would you like to eat?
Lucy: Let’s look at the menu. I’m in the mood for something salty.
Mark: What about fish and chips or chicken with mozzarella? I heard spaghetti is good too. Actually, I’ll have the spaghetti.
Lucy: The fish and chips sounds better to me. Would you like to try a starter?
Mark: Why not? Look at these hamburgers and soda combo. The homemade hamburgers are great here.
Lucy: How many hamburguers does it come with?
Mark: There aren’t many, only three.
Lucy: Mmm, I think they’re enough. We could have a dessert then.
Mark: I see. Well, I’ll have a chocolate cake. You know how much I love chocolate.
Lucy: Yes, I do. I’d like to eat an ice cream.


  1. What does Lucy want to order?
  2. What dessert would Mark like to order?


  1. Lucy wants the fish and chips.
  2. Mark wants a chocolate cake.

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