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Intro: Audio class 4


Ejercicio alternativo de reading

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas según corresponda. No mires las respuestas antes de terminar. ¡Comparte tu trabajo en la sección de aportes!

Where are you now?

Lucy: Hello?
Mark: Hi, Lucy! Mark speaking.
Lucy: Hey, Mark, what’s going on?
Mark: Oh, well… listen, I think I’m kind of lost. I’ve been searching the address you sent but I can’t find the place. I passed through the tunnel, went up the hill but must have missed the coffee shop. Besides, there aren’t any parks around.
Lucy: It’s ok. Where are you now?
Mark: I’m somewhere between a drugstore and a grocery store.
Lucy: Oh, you’re not too far away. Can you see the library from there?
Mark: Yes, it’s just 1 block from here.
Lucy: Perfect! Just go toward the library, turn left and go across the wooden bridge.
You’ll see the park right in front of the coffee shop.
Mark: Well, it seems I’m not that lost. See you in a while!


  1. Where is Mark?
  2. Is the park in front of the grocery store?


  1. Somewhere between a drugstore and a grocery store.
  2. No, it isn’t. The park is in front of the coffee shop.

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