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Ways customer service is performed



Customer service has changed. Before 1876 for example, when complaints or questions arose, they were typically handled face-to-face with the local manager. However, technology has evolved as well and customer service now goes beyond the traditional face-to-face interaction or telephone support agent.

In the 1960s, the Private Automated Business Exchanges (PABX) began to be used to handle large numbers of calls. These gradually became the ‚Äúcall centers‚ÄĚ that we know, those large offices where a significant number of operators handle customer conversations in one location. Later in 1983, the term ‚ÄúCall Center‚ÄĚ was created.

Nowadays, email, web, apps, text message and social media can also be used to sell and provide service entirely replacing face-to-face contact. Many companies also provide self-support, which means that customers can find their own answers at any time. These channels of communication can be used before or after buying goods or services as a source of information or to make a complaint.

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