Role play: global warming


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Global warming

Person 1: Good morning! What are you watching?
Person 2: Morning! I’m watching the news. Have you seen how bad the heat
waves in Los Angeles are at this moment?
Person 1: Yeah, it doesn’t look good at all. It’s getting worse! Many bad things
are happening due to global warming, hot weather is just one of the most
common effects we’re facing.
Person 2: I know. I also read that many health problems are linked to global
warming. I’m kind of worried about it. Extreme weather can even be fatal. We’re
not far from Los Angeles, and it’s getting quite hot here.
Person 1: You’re right. They say we’re gonna feel it here soon too, so we’d better
get ready.
Person 2: Yeah, actually I was about to call my brother before you came. I am
thinking of asking him to let us stay in his lake house for a few days.
Person 1: That’s a great idea!
Person 2: I can also ask him to pick us up.
Person 1: He might let us stay there but I’m not so sure he will come and pick us
up. He’s like two hours away from here. How are we supposed to convince him?
Person 2: He owes me many favors, so I’m sure we can get him to come over.
Person 1: Alright! Speaking of heat, I’m thirsty! We’re still out of water. Have you
called the plumber? I thought the pipes were going to be fixed last night.
Person 2: I have, he told me he was waiting for his car to be fixed, but he had a
few problems. He said it’s being repaired now, so he should be here soon.
Person 1: Nice! Let’s have him fix whatever needs to be fixed in the house. We
must be ready for all these crazy weather changes.
Person 2: For sure! I was also given some advice yesterday about what to do in
case of a heat wave and other natural disasters. We should always be ready for
these kinds of situations wherever we are!
Person 1: Absolutely! What advice were you given?

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