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Role Play: Emergency plan


Es momento de practicar tu reading y speaking utilizando el siguiente texto. Te recomiendo que lo hagas en voz alta para practicar tu pronunciaci√≥n. Y no tengas verg√ľenza de grabarte y escucharte a ti mismo.

De esta manera, poco a poco irás perdiendo el miedo a hablar en Inglés e irás observando cómo mejora tu pronunciación práctica tras práctica.

Puedes usar la aplicación Vocaroo para grabar tu audio y escucharte posteriormente. ¡Que no te dé verguenza!

Emergency plan

Person 1: Absolutely! What advice were you given?
Person 2: So, in case of a heat wave, we should:
‚óŹ Drink plenty of water, of course.
‚óŹ Stay out of direct sunlight.
‚óŹ Stay in an air-conditioned room, if possible.
‚óŹ Wear loose-fitting clothing and a hat, unless you are home.
‚óŹ And keep an eye on your neighbours, friends, family and pets
Person 1: Very useful information, indeed. What can we do in case of a
hurricane? They’re also common on this side of the country.
Person 2: There are many things you can do, like:
‚óŹ Listen to the radio or TV for information.
‚óŹ Secure your home by closing storm shutters and securing outdoor objects
or bringing them indoors.
‚óŹ Close propane tanks.
‚óŹ Avoid using the phone, unless there‚Äôs a serious emergency.
‚óŹ Ensure a supply of water for sanitary purposes such as cleaning and
flushing toilets and,
‚óŹ Find out how to keep food safe during and after an emergency.
Person 1: Wow! who shared this information with you? That person seems to be
very knowledgeable about these sorts of things.
Person 2: A friend of mine who works as a first aid trainer at the hospital gave
me a call yesterday and made me take notes of these things.
Person 1: So we’d better listen and take her advice.
Person 2: Absolutely! It’s super important! Remember the earthquake last year?
We would have died if we hadn’t learned what to do in case of an emergency like
Person 1: I know! I’m sure many people would have survived if they had known
what to do.
Person 2: Definitely! Look! The plumber is here, let’s make sure we get everything
fixed! Do you think you can help me out with the door? I need to go to the
bathroom urgently!
Person 1: Haha of course! I got it!

Contribución creada por: Kevin Fiorentino.

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