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Formal Email


We write a formal email in more formal situations. You write a formal email when the message requires formality: when we exchange emails at work, apply for a job, or when the email is to a person you do not know.

Different from an informal email, you should not use contractions. Also, the vocabulary needs to agree with the type of message you want to convey.

The formal email also has a simple structure:

  • Beginning: the greeting (using titles) and your opening statement.

  • Middle: explain the reason for your email.

  • End: the closing message and your first and last name.

Example of a formal email (with mistakes) for you to rewrite:

Hello Mr. John,
How are you? Thanks for this opportunity. It’s amazing.

I‚Äôm writing to confirm our meeting tomorrow night. Is it ok at 8 pm? I‚Äôm gonna be available only after this time ‚Äėcause I have some other stuff to do.

Talk to you soon.

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