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ADJECTIVE Describes, modifies, or gives information about nouns and pronouns. hot / nice / big / wrong / intelligent / beautiful / smart / interesting I have a nice car. Mark is intelligent.

To describe people, you can talk about their age, occupation, family, hobbies, and use some adjectives to describe their nationality, personality, and physical appearance.

To describe places, you can talk about things to do there, sites to visit, and use adjectives to describe the weather and other details. If you are writing about your home, you can also talk about the rooms, furniture, and services nearby.

Example 1 (Describing a person)

My sister is my favorite person because she is intelligent, a good friend, and beautiful. First of all, she was always smart and ambitious, and she studied to become a doctor. For this reason, I believe she is a great person. Additionally, she is funny and a fantastic company in every situation. She likes to watch horror movies and practice yoga. Also, she is pretty, not only outside. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and she is fit and short, just like me! To sum up, she is an amazing person.

Example 2 (Describing a place)

I love living in Bogot√° since it is cosmopolitan, you have many things to do there, and it has the perfect weather. To begin with, you can find an impressive diversity of people and cultures because people from different countries go to Bogot√°. Moreover, it is the biggest city in Colombia. It is enormous, and there are many touristic places to visit. For example, in Monserrate Hill, you can see the entire city, and it is magical, but it is crowded on weekends. Besides, it is never hot! It is sunny during the day and cool and windy at night. I believe it is winter every day there. I love it! Overall, I want to live there for many more years.

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