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Connectors are linking words used to connect words or phrases. There are many different connectors in English, and we can classify them into different categories: addition, cause/effect, comparison, conclusion, contrast, emphasis, illustration, time/ sequence, etc.
We separate the categories according to their use:

ADDITION Adds one phrase to another, gives extra information, or introduces additional ideas. I have coffee and pancakes for breakfast. Additionally, I eat fruits.
CAUSE AND EFFECT Explains the reason for something and the consequence of an action. I don’t like to study very much. For this reason, I always fail my exams.
COMPARISON Compares ideas. I think hotdogs are good. Likewise, I think hamburgers are good.
CONCLUSION Concludes ideas. In conclusion, nobody is perfect.
CONTRAST Links two contrasting ideas. I love watching movies. However, I don’t like watching TV shows.
EMPHASIS Emphasizes ideas. I love watching movies, especially dramas.
ILLUSTRATION Exemplifies something. I can play different musical instruments, for example, the guitar, the piano, and the bass.
TIME AND SEQUENCE Links actions that happened at the same time and indicates the order of the events. First, brush your teeth. Then, go to bed.

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