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Role play (Modules): Grocery shopping


Ejercicio alternativo de reading

Lee el texto e identifica todo lo aprendido en los últimos módulos. No mires la respuesta antes de terminar.

Grocery shopping

Person 1: Rachel and the kids are coming for lunch today. We have to prepare something special.
Person 2: Oh! I had forgotten about that. You’re right. What about cooking some seafood? It’s delicious.
Person 1: Yeah! It’s delicious. But it’s not easy to prepare. How about making pasta? It’s easier to cook, and I like it more than seafood.
Person 2: Ok, then. Pasta it is. Shall we go grocery shopping?
Person 1: First, we need a shopping list… We need to buy a few things.
Person 2: Right! We need to buy spaghetti, an onion, some garlic, a little salt, and pepper… (speaking fast)
Person 1: Slow down! You are speaking too fast. (pretending to write)
Person 2: Sorry!
Person 1: (pretending to finish the list) salt and pepper… The tomato sauce! We should buy the canned one!
Person 2: Of course not! Preparing a fresh tomato sauce is not the same as buying one. Fresh tomatoes make a more delicious sauce.
Person 1: Ok! We can buy fresh tomatoes if you insist. But YOU cook the sauce! I don’t cook well enough…
Person 2: No problem. Do you have a big pan? We need a big one. Three people are coming, plus us two…
Person 1: Sure! Like the big one over there?
Person 2: Nice! I’m getting hungry already (hahaha).
Person 1: Me too! I believe we have everything we need on the list. And if not, we can add a few items to the list when we get to the grocery store. Shall we go now?
Person 2: Yes, let’s.


Ejercicio de speaking

Graba un audio del texto leído anteriormente con alguien más.

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