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Lost luggage



carousel - US /ˌker.əˈsel/ - UK /ˌkær.əˈsel/
noun - a continuous moving strip on which passengers’ bags are put for collection in an airport.

boarding pass - US /ˈbɔːr.dɪŋ ˌpæs/ - UK /ˈbɔː.dɪŋ ˌpɑːs/
noun - a card that a passenger must have in order to be allowed to get on an aircraft or a ship.

look up - /lʊk ʌp/
phrasal verb - to search for, as an item of information, in a reference book or the like.

retrieve - /rɪˈtriːv/
verb - to get something back that has been lost, taken, or left somewhere.

voucher - /ˈvaʊ.tʃər/
noun - a piece of paper that can be used to pay for particular goods or services, or that allows you to pay less than the usual price for them.

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