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Howdy! - /ˈhaʊ.di/
exclamation - used as a greeting; hello.

rip off (sombody)- US /rɪp ɑːf/ - UK /rɪp ɒf/
phrasal verb - to cheat someone by making them pay too much money for something.

sporty - US /ˈspɔːr.t̬i/ UK /ˈspɔː.ti/
adjective - a sporty car is a fast, low car, often for two people only.

budget - /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/
noun - the amount of money you have available to spend.

fit in - /fɪt ɪn/
phrasal verb - to feel that you belong to a particular group and are accepted by that group.

family-oriented - /ˈfæm.əl.i ˈɔːr.i.en.t̬ɪd/
adjective - aimed at, adapted to, or suitable for families; family-friendly.

truck - /trʌk/
noun - a large vehicle with an open or covered space in the back to hold a load of goods

mileage - /ˈmaɪ.lɪdʒ/
noun - the distance that a vehicle has traveled or the distance that it can travel using a particular amount of fuel.

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