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Connecting ideas with ‚Äúwhen‚ÄĚ whit past continuous + past simple

When, together with past continuous and past simple, can be used to connect two different ideas or actions. The clause in past continuous indicates that there is a longer or ongoing action, which is interrupted by a short action in past simple.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

  1. My cell phone rang when I was working.
    ūüĎČI was working, and then my cell phone rang.

  2. I was talking when my friend interrupted me.
    ūüĎČI was talking, and then my friend interrupted me.

  3. When I was waiting for the bus today, I saw her.
    ūüĎČI was waiting for the bus, and then I saw her.

Now it is your turn! Write 5 sentences using when to connect the past continuous and past simple and share them in the comments.

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