How to express ideas clearly in the business atmosphere



Choose a business scenario below and write or record a short response about how you would react to the context you chose. Whether you choose to write or to record your answer, you should use the information obtained in this course to sound like a native English speaker. Focusing on when to use formal or informal language, using conditionals, modals, and phrasal verbs correctly to sound fluent and natural.

Choose one of the scenarios given below:

If you would like to, please feel free to complete more than one activity. The more you practice the better you will become, increasing confidence, fluency, and much more.

  1. You are at a business meeting and your boss has asked you to share your opinion about the topic at hand. Briefly explain the topic you have chosen, making sure it applies to your job area or your desired area of employment and then give your opinion below.
  2. You are asked to create a new project/product at work and now your boss would like you to sell your idea at the next business meeting. Prepare what you would say at the meeting.
  3. There has been a disagreement at work between yourself and another employee. In order to create a peaceful work environment for everyone, it is necessary that you speak to your boss about the issue. What would you say to your boss?
  4. A piece of equipment/computer program has stopped working correctly and is effecting your work. You must speak to your boss about the issue, in order to continue giving positive results on the job. What would you say to your boss?
  5. Write a project proposal to your boss explaining how to increase productivity or expressing a concern within the company.
    As many of you are coming from different industries, the scenarios are general so that anyone should be able to answer based on their job field. Please add any information to your answer that would be necessary to understand your response.

Example Response:

The response below could be applied to the fifth scenario and is in an email format, written to my boss proposing a special meeting in order to increase sales within the company.

Dear John,

Due to the current crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak, many of our departments and their
sales have been affected and they have shown a drastic decline in their finances. This critical situation has led us to evaluate other strategies and rethink our business model as well as to evaluate other possible scenarios and solutions to keep our revenues profitable.
For this reason, I would like to arrange with you and the rest of the members of our team a special meeting where we could discuss the impact of this crisis on our sales. Furthermore, we could talk about possible solutions or strategies, in order to reduce the impact of this crisis on our business. For example, the implementation of new deals or promotions, discuss ideas about how we can position our brand, renovate our marketing strategy or even evaluate the introduction of new products using our own infrastructure to produce them.
In summary, the idea behind this meeting is to discuss a new business strategy and look for different sustainable solutions in order to avoid negative consequences.
Could you please let me know when this meeting would be convenient for you? I look forward to hearing from you promptly.

Jenna VanderBrook

Now it’s your turn!

Please share your written and/or recorded responses in the comment section below. If you have decided to produce a short video, upload it to youtube and share the link in the comment section below ūüėĄ

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with soon!

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