Practice: Buying clothes



You’ve reached the end of this module. Congrats! Now, listen to the dialogues between a customer and a shop assistant, then fill in the blanks using the expressions and questions seen in class. Don’t forget to share your answers in the comments so we can check your work!

Dialogue 1

Customer: Hello!
Assistant: Hi, how can I help you?
Customer: Do you have this coat ________________?
Assistant: Yes, here it is.
Customer: Thanks! _________________________?
Assistant: The changing rooms are in the back.
Customer: Thank you!
Assistant: You’re welcome.

Dialogue 2

Assistant: Are you looking for anything in particular?
Customer: Yes, _______________________ a winter jacket.
Assistant: We have a collection of winter jackets on sale!
Customer: Oh really? __________________ the black jacket?
Assistant: It’s $45.99 with the discount included.
Customer: I will take it. __________________________?

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