Case study: What if you lose your job?



You just lost your job. What is your next step?

  • Dealing with rejection.

  • Personal brand / online image

  • Analyzing your options / checking the market.

  • Work on your CV / Be prepared for the interview

  • Learn on your mistakes

Losing a job is one of the most stressful events that people go through in their lives. You’ll experience fear, anxiety, depression, and anger, as well as periods of positivity. But what is the best way to deal with it?

1. Dealing with rejection.

Take your time to deal with rejection. It’s important to acknowledge your situation, let yourself feel sad. Don´t be afraid to ask for support. For sure your family or friends are there to help you. However, being alone it´s ok too. Use this time to learn what was wrong and how you can improve your future situation.

2. Personal brand / online image

When we are focusing on the future, remember you are a brand! Prepare the list of your strengths, your most important experience, your achievements. Think about how you can sell yourself, why you are better than other candidates. Next, go to your online profile on LinkedIn and be sure your picture and your work experience are updated. Focus on your personal projects, be part of the community. Use the time when you are looking for a job to develop your skills or learn something new.

3. Checking the market / Networking

The next step is to check what is happening now on the job market. Mainly, when you had a long break from job searching, it’s an important exercise to be more aware of your options. First, be realistic! You have prepared the list of your strengths and skills before, so now it’s time to check where you can fit. Second, the job market is changing rapidly, so be ready for adapting to the changes.

Start connecting or reconnecting with your family, friends, professors, former colleagues, and recruiters. There’s no shame in reaching out to these contacts to let them know you’re looking for something new.

4. Work on your CV / Be prepared for the interview

Here is the moment, you found the perfect offer so use this chance and be prepared. Remember that the key is to match resumes with job descriptions, so the more you can mine your experience for skills and achievements, the easier this process will be. Be honest, but don’t be overly humble. It’s easy to forget tasks and responsibilities, and even easier to undersell past achievements.

And next, with the CV ready to show to the world, it’s time for applying for job offers. When you receive the invitation, be ready, read about the company, and show your positive attitude. Don´t be afraid, this is your moment.

5. The last advice- learn from your mistakes! Use your failure as the next opportunity.

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