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Interactive quiz


Es momento de ejercitar lo aprendido en las clases anteriores. Responde las siguientes preguntas sobre tu hogar, tipos de transportes y descripción de las personas:

1. What are some adjectives to describe positive traits?

  • A. Funny, kind, responsible
  • B. Responsibility, honestly, respect
  • C. Self-center, moody, dishonest

2. What does ‚Äúdomestic flight‚ÄĚ mean?

  • A. It‚Äôs an international flight
  • B. It‚Äôs a flight within a continent
  • C. It‚Äôs a flight within a country

3. My mom lives 5 kilometers south of me. Which one is the best option to get there faster?

  • A. Bicycle
  • B. Car
  • C. Plane

4. How can you describe a day when the sun shines clearly in the sky and there is lots of bright light?

  • A. Foggy
  • B. Sunny
  • C. Snowy

5. What room at home do you usually use to wash clothes?

  • A. Living room
  • B. Laundry room
  • C. Kitchen

6. When you are talking about your own transportation, what are the best verbs to use?

  • A. Drive, ride, cycle
  • B. Ride and take
  • C. Take and use

Contribución creada por: Kevin Fiorentino.

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