Writing: Fill it in!



Let’s review all the vocabulary seen in the previous classes! Complete the following exercise and don’t forget to share your answers in the comment section.

What’s the best option?
From the box below, select the perfect match to complete these sentences:

  1. He is a very fast talker. He _________________________.

  2. He is so good at speaking. He has the _________________________.

  3. My friend and I _________________________. We agree on everything.

  4. When we go out after work, I don’t want _________________________. I want to forget about work.

  5. He loves to _________________________. He brags all of the time.

  6. I can keep a secret. I promise I won’t _________________________.

  7. He likes to _________________________ and tell you his opinions.

  8. She never listens or reacts when I talk to her. She is like _________________________.

Now that you have completed the exercise, what about giving your own examples using the previous idioms? Be as creative as possible! Leave them in the comment section.

I’ll see you in the next class!

Answer key:

  1. talks a mile a minute
  2. gift of gab
  3. speak the same language
  4. talk shop
  5. talk big
  6. spill the beans
  7. dish out
  8. talking to a brick wall

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