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Roleplay 2 (Modules 4 to 7)


Lee y encuentra los temas que has aprendido hasta ahora, aplicados en el texto en este ejercicio alternativo de reading:

  • Ditransitive verbs
  • Past simple
  • Past continuous.
  • Verb to be + adjective + infinitive
  • Before / after
  • So
  • The
  • May I / we

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Before you came…

Ben: Hey, Jhonny. May I talk to you for a second?
Jhonny: Oh! Hi, Ben. Sure.

Ben: The head of the marketing department sent me here to help you with the reports, so here I am. Also, she sent you these files. She told me you asked her when she talked to you earlier.
Jhonny: No worries, they are all finished already.

Ben: Really!? How?
Jhonny: Well, I did them myself. After we finished the meeting yesterday, I started working on the reports.

Ben: Wow. Incredible! Since I’m here, we can start reviewing these files for our Friday presentation.
Jhonny: Sure. I was working on the presentation when you arrived. You can take a look and let me know what you think.

Ben: Before I do that, I need to bring my notes. I’ll be right back.
Jhonny: Ok. May I ask you a favor? Could you bring a file called ‚ÄúThe One‚ÄĚ to me, please?

Ben: Yep. Give me a minute, so I can find it. There you go.
Jhonny: Thanks. Let me show you this. After you left, I added some other topics to our presentation.

Ben: Let me take a look… Wow, great job! I’m lucky to work with you. You always do a flawless job.
Jhonny: And I’m glad to hear that. I try my best.

Ben: I believe the boss will be happy to see the reports and our presentation.
Jhonny: I hope so. She was not happy after our colleagues finished the last presentation.

Ben: I know. It was not good to hear her comments about it.
Jhonny: Well, let’s go back to the presentation, so we can finish it by today.

Ben: Great idea. According to last quarter reports we have to make some changes in our marketing strategies…


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