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Role play: "Let's go on a boat trip"


Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas según corresponda. No mires las respuestas antes de terminar.

Reading comprehension: Let’s go on a boat trip

Jess: This is a bigger boat than I expected! Don’t you agree?
Carol: Bigger and faster, Jess! Maybe because we are sailing in the summer it’s easier, right?
Ana: Regularly, most of the boats leave the dock in the morning. It’s also more convenient for us as we are able to enjoy most of the day.
Jess: Hey, guys! Where is that music coming from?
Ana: It’s coming from the other side of the boat. Let’s go! You will love this!
Carol: Look at that! They are dancing and playing music.
Ana: These musicians practice for weeks, so they can always play popular music and sing traditional songs.
Jess: This is getting better and better. You won’t believe what I’m looking at! There are whales swimming on this side of the boat!
Carol: The boat is going slower than before, so we can really take a look at them. Wow! This is amazing!
Jess: What a great day! We are listening to great music and eating delicious food. I’ll try not to eat too much, so I don’t gain weight.
Ana: Stop eating, Jess. We will soon go swimming.
Jess: Ohh nooo! I forgot to bring my sunscreen!
Carol: Sunscreen is a must to avoid getting sunburns. You can borrow mine.
Jess: Thanks, Carol. Now I am ready to go swimming.
Ana: Let’s go.


  1. When do the boats leave the dock?
  2. What did Jess see on the side of the boat?
  3. Why did Ana tell Jess to stop eating?


  1. The boats leave the dock in the morning.
  2. Jess saw whales swimming on the side of the boat.
  3. Because they will soon go swimming.

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