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Roleplay modules 6-9: At the restaurant


Seg√ļn el¬†contexto del di√°logo, contesta con la respuesta que corresponda. Evita mirar las respuestas antes de terminar.

Di√°logo usando can, could y would

Ele: Hello! And welcome to Happydonald’s. 1) ____ (can / would you like) I show you the menu?

Cesar: Thank you, yes. Let me see… Any suggestions?

Ele: Well, you 2) ____ (could / would you like) order our specialty: the BigHappy with french fries. It’s our number one suggestion.

Cesar: That sounds delicious! 3) ____ (can / would you like) I also have something to drink?

Ele: Of course, sir. 4) ____ (can / would you like) a soda?

Cesar: YES! Perfect combination!

Ele: Are you eating here, or would you like it to go?

Cesar: That’s a great question! What time is it? I have to be at the airport 5) ____ (at / on) five fifteen.

Ele: It’s a quarter past four.

Cesar: Oh, no! So, to go, then. I only have one hour.

Ele: Sure, no problem. 6) ____ (can / would like) I offer you a dessert?

Cesar: No, thanks. I 7) ____ (can / can’t) eat more junk food today. But… can you help me with some information? How can I get to the airport from here?

Ele: There is a bus stop across the street. You 8) ____ (can / can’t) take bus #10 to the airport. 9) ____ (at / on) Fridays there is one 10) ____ (at / on) half past four.


  1. Can
  2. could
  3. Can
  4. Would you like
  5. at
  6. Can
  7. can’t
  8. can
  9. on
  10. at

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