Writing exercise: Can / Cant / Could / Would like



Fill in the gaps with can, can’t, could, or would like

  1. Hey, Bob. What’s up? ______ you come here tomorrow?

  2. ______ I ask you a favor?

  3. I ______ a coke, please.

  4. I’m so sorry. I ______ be there now.

  5. Mom, ______ Sam go to the party with me tonight?
    No, he ______. He has an exam tomorrow.

  6. You ______ come with us if you want.
    I ______ that, thank you.

  7. ______ I have the pasta, please?

  8. Do you want to travel with me in July?
    I ______ that, but I ______ go in July. My vacations are in December.
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    You can find the answer key here.

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