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Roleplay modules 1-5: On vacation


Lee el di√°logo y compl√©talo seg√ļn corresponda. Procura mirar las respuestas √ļnicamente despu√©s de terminar.

Di√°logo usando conectores b√°sicos, the y adverbios de frecuencia.

Jess: Hi Ravee. How’re doing? All good?

Ravee: Hey there, Jess! I’m great! How nice to see you 1)____ (here/there).

Jess: You too! What a coincidence… Can I ask you a favor? I’m lost 2)____ (here/there). I need to buy a gift for my mother, and I wanted to buy a dress, 3)____ (and/but) I don’t know if I should take the green one or the blue one. She likes green 4)____ (and/but) blue!

Ravee: Oh… Both are beautiful! I like 5)____ (the/ - ) green one, 6)____ (and/but) I think the blue one is better for your mother. It matches her eyes.

Jess: You are right. I think she will love the blue dress. Thank you for your help.

Ravee: No problem! What are you doing after you get 7)____ (the/ - ) dress?

Jess: I was thinking about going to 8)____ (the/ - ) new restaurant they opened downtown. Would you like to go with me?

Ravee: Great idea! I always go to the same restaurants. It’s good to change sometimes.

Jess: I think we can walk 9)____ (here/there). 10)____ (It’s/it) a nice day, sunny and warm. We have to take advantage of this weather. It’s always raining here. How often do we have the chance to enjoy the sun?

Ejercicio de speaking

Graba un audio de este diálogo usando voces distintas para cada personaje o (si es posible) con la ayuda de alguien más. ¡Comparte tu trabajo en la sección de aportes!


  1. here
  2. here
  3. but
  4. and
  5. the
  6. but
  7. the
  8. the
  9. there
  10. It’s

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