Reading exercise: (not) here / there



Read the dialogue and pay attention to the use of here and there

      Alan: Hello?

      Suzzy: Hi! Is Johnny there?

      Alan: Yes, he is here. Just a second.

      Johnny: Hello! This is Johnny.

      Suzzy: Hi, Johnny! It’s Suzzy.

      Johnny: Suzzy!!! How are you? You’re still coming here next week, aren’t you?

      Suzzy: Yes, I am. I’m calling about that. How’s the weather there? Is it cold? I don’t know what kind of clothes to take.

      Johnny: Right now, it’s cold. But I saw on TV that next week will be hot. So you don’t need to bring a jacket. And if you need one, we have many jackets here. You can borrow one.

      Suzzy: Thanks, Johnny. Since it is my first time there, I thought it’d be better to call and ask.

      Johnny: No worries, Suzzy! Please, call me as soon as you get here. I’ll pick you up. See you!

      Suzzy: Bye, Johnny!

Answer the following questions to test your reading comprehension:

  • Is Alan with Johnny?
  • Is Suzzy with Johnny?
  • Is it hot where Johnny lives?
  • Why is Suzzy calling Johnny?
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