Express possession with plural nouns: "s"



Next we are going to take a look at the apostrophe ‚Äė. It is our best friend when it comes to expressing possession of an object or place. Below are some examples that can help us understand better ūüėÉ.

Remember, it can be used for singular and plural nouns also!

  • Whose book is that? That is Raj‚Äôs book.
  • Whose bicycles are those? Those are the children‚Äôs bicycles.

Plural nouns ending in S

  • My friends‚Äô pool is big!

Plural nouns NOT ending in S

  • My children‚Äôs eyes are shining.

Names ending in S

  • Luis‚Äô soccer ball is colorful.
  • Chris‚Äôs sofa is comfortable.

Here you can add the apostrophe at the end or at the apostrophe + s.

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