Linking word "and"



Hello there! The word ‚Äúand‚ÄĚ is a very important word for us to utilize when we join together similar ideas, thoughts, and actions in the same sentence. Let‚Äôs take a look!

My Vacation

Every year we go to the beach. We like to go to the beach and relax.
My favorite beach is called Sunset Beach. We like to go swimming and walk in the sand. This beach has soft sand and bushes. It is very beautiful. I like to find seashells and watch the seagulls fly in the sky. Sometimes there are dolphins in the water!
At night, you can watch the sunset and then watch the moon rise. It is a friendly and relaxing beach. My dog likes to run and play with other dogs on the beach.

How many linking ‚Äúand‚ÄĚ did you read?

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