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Hello! Welcome to our class on audio visual display and projection systems!
Audio Visual projections systems are a key part to Audio Visual communication technologies. In
fact without a projection system it would be very hard to communicate through video.
I have added an article below that I found on the internet. Read the article and answer these

  1. What range of AV projectors has the company worked with?
  2. What services does the company provide?
  3. What should be considered when deciding which projector best suits your
  4. What kind of article is this? (Informative article / Publicity / educational etc…)

Audio Visual Projection Solutions For Maximum Impact

Projection is the most cost-effective means of displaying a very large image or video as
part of a presentation.

Audio visual projection technology has changed dramatically over the years and is still
evolving today. The high impact AV projection technology we have access to now is
revolutionising audio visual presentations.

At IVC Technologies we have experience working with a wide range of audio visual
projector options, including dynamic LCD (liquid crystal display), LCoS (liquid crystal on
silicon) and DLP (digital light processing) projectors, lasers and hybrids, across multiple
environments. These powerful and intuitive presentation tools allow seamless execution
for the user whilst delivering a polished, enhanced visual experience for the audience.
We provide a complete service, from design through to installation and support. We
help clients deploy high impact audio visual solutions from basic presentation displays,
large presentation displays and rear projection solutions right through to high gain
outdoor projection and projection mapping systems.

When exploring which projector best suits your needs, the following areas should be
considered. Still as relevant as ever to the successful deployment of any digital
projection system, however, is room ambient light levels and acoustic properties, throw
distance and projector mounting detail.

‚óŹ Brightness
‚óŹ Resolution
‚óŹ Throw Distance
‚óŹ Contrast
‚óŹ Mounting / Installation
‚óŹ Warranty

Not sure what you need? We can help! Whatever the size and complexity of your
space, we will work with you to create the AV solution that meets your specific
requirements. Maximising the potential and utilisation of each environment, we will
provide everything you need to deliver engaging and memorable seminars, meetings,
events and more with your new audio visual projection technology.


Why is it important to take into account the display and projection systems of
your client?

How could it affect your project?

Share your experience in the comment section!

Congratulations! You have completed the first module of our course!
The next module is called ‚ÄúSetting the Scene‚ÄĚ and you will learn technical terms needed
when filming a scene.

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