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Nowadays salespersons can heavily rely on technology to achieve their goals. Whether you are trying to learn more information about your client or your contact, or you need to have a meeting on the fly, technology is there to support you all along the process.
Technology can be integrated into your cold calling process. The right software can dial for you, move around phone trees, wait on hold, and even help you with your follow-up. Many of the products in the market can plug directly into your existing CRM.
Videoconference software allows you to interact with your potential or exiting customer‚Äôs even when you cannot meet them in person. This kind of software also reduces traveling costs and can be a real life saver if you have a meeting but you‚Äôre stuck in traffic ‚Äď I even used Zoom to have a meeting with a client to negotiate the following year‚Äôs contract while I as in a hospital bed a couple days after surgery.
I am sure you already know about all this, and the advantages of using your cell phone, maybe you even have a service that checks your writing. But to me the greatest advantage technology gives me is the information I can have access to.
Using services like Google Alerts or Mention can help you keep an eye on important information that will assist your sales process. Timing is of the essence when you contact a potential client. You don’t want to call to offer your products and services right after they bought it from your competition. Information is power and technology can give it to you. A few of the things you can use google alerts for are:
Learning about executive changes at the executive level. A new leader might want to make changes in the organization.
Allocation of large contracts. You could congratulate the client, and maybe find out what they’ll need, and you can provide to fulfill their contract.
Company growth. More stores, more offices, more locations, they all might mean more licenses, more training, more hiring, more services, even more furniture.
Capital Investment. If your client just got an injection of funds, they might be more likely to finally say yes.
Mergers and acquisitions. Maybe your client is buying a company, they’ll need more of your product or service. Maybe your client is being bought, you need to get your foot on the door and meet the new leaders to guarantee continuity.
You can never know your client enough but there will always be public information available that can help you in your process.

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