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Face to face interview etiquette


Las entrevistas cara a cara a√ļn existen. M√°s all√° de las grandes posibilidades de realizar cualquier reuni√≥n o cualquier trabajo de forma remota, existe la posibilidad de que te toque tener una entrevista de forma presencial con el entrevistador.

Ventajas de una entrevista cara a cara

  • More personal contact.
  • You can expand your answers freely.
  • You might get the opportunity to see the offices and get an idea of the work environment and culture.

Desventajas de una entrevista cara a cara

  • You need more time and money.
  • You have to think more about your body language and facial expressions.
  • If you are introvert you might not feel as comfortable as in an online phone interview.

Cómo prepararte para una entrevista cara a cara

  • Make sure you have the address and the name of your interviewer.
  • Take a printed copy of your resume.
  • Arrive early (at least 10 minutes before).
  • Dress professionally.
  • Shake hands firmly.
  • Avoid looking around the room.
  • Sit upright and show interest.
  • Listen actively.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Smile when appropriate.
  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Answer what you are asked, do not stray away from the question.
  • Don‚Äôt interrupt your interviewer.
  • Be genuine.
  • Be polite.
  • Remember to thank the interviewer.

Una entrevista cara a cara es totalmente distinta a una entrevista remota. Be prepared! La mayoría de los consejos están relacionados con el comportamiento y el lenguaje corporal, la Escuela de Habilidades Blandas de Platzi está para ayudarte.

Contribución creada por: Kevin Fiorentino.

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