Module 2 vocabulary



Advantages: features that make something better than other things, and a condition that is more favorable and could give more possibilities to have a positive experience and success.

Disadvantages: the opposite of advantages; a disadvantage is an unfavorable position or condition.

Face to face Interview: an interview in which you talk directly to your interviewer in the same place, not by phone or online.

Online Interview: an interview in which the interviewer and interviewee connect through an online platform.

Phone Interview: an interview which is done over the phone.

Requirements: something that is wanted or needed, it could also be a necessary condition.

Soft solid colors: a color that has muted chroma, that was greyed, softened, or lightened, which has no patterns; a solid color is having the same color all over.

Technical Interview: an interview to test technical abilities and knowledge for a job. Usually if you apply for a job in engineering, science, or IT you may face a technical interview.

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