Virtual reality: Making breakfast



Get your VR viewer to watch this virtual reality class.

After watching the class practice reading the dialogues below out loud:

Julia: What a lovely apartment, Mary!
Mary: Thank you! Guess what? … Breakfast… is not ready. I thought it would be fun to cook together
James: I agree. Cooking will be great English practice for us
Julia: Well! I’m a mess in the kitchen but the plan sounds like a lot of fun

Mary: Are you ready to cook some traditional US breakfast?
Julia: Sure! Let’s practice as we cook. What would you like?
Mary: I was thinking of sweet waffles and black coffee. Fancy?
James: Fancy, what’s that?
Julia: Fancy is a way to ask if you like something. Right Mary?
James: I see… Hummm, I’m not sure. I don’t like waffles much.
Mary: That’s ok. No problem at all. What would you like?
Julia: Nothing too complicated. What about eggs and bacon? Coffee as well

Mary: We can definitely do that. How would you like the eggs?
Julia: How? I don’t know how to answer that question actually
Mary: I mean, would you like them scrambled, fried…
Julia: I know what you mean but I don’t know that vocabulary!
Mary: Ok, I’ll show you. These would be scrambled eggs.
Julia: scrambled… I see. And the other word you used was…
Mary: Fried. And they have something interesting here. The eggs can be over easy or sunny side up
James: What?
Mary: Over easy are fried on one side, then flipped and cooked briefly on the other.
Julia: And the other option?
Mary: Sunny side up. That is fried, with the yolk up and not flipped.
Julia: Wow that’s new for us. How cool. I would like to try them over easy
James: I also want to try them over easy
Mary: You’re gonna like’em
James: I’m sure we will.

Julia: Did you say there was someone else coming over?
Mary: Oh yes, I completely forgot about David.
James: Shall we make eggs and bacon for him as well?
Mary: Yes! I think he is vegetarian, so no bacon for him.
James: Alright!
Julia: Let’s get started.

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