Virtual reality: Before the trip routine



Get your VR viewer to watch this virtual reality class.

After watching the class practice reading the dialogues below out loud:

Julia: ¡Nueva York nos espera! Estoy muy emocionada por este viaje pero me gustaría practicar más inglés antes de viajar.
¡Practiquemos! ¿Sabes cómo estará el clima? Quiero saber qué llevar.
James: Dale, practiquemos!
Julia: ¿Sabes cómo va a estar el clima? Quiero saber qué llevar
James: According to it will be cold next month, it’s still Winter, it’s about 0 degrees celsius. It’s very cold.
Julia: It’s very cold, yes. Winter! ¿Y las demás estaciones son?
Jaimes: After Winter comes Spring, then Summer and then your favorite one and then Fall which I think is your favorite one.
Julia: Yes! I love it!
James: This is the one with the orange leaves all over the place?
Julia: Yes! Well I also like spring because I love flowers… So I should take my “abrigo”. How do you say this one?
James: “abrigo” is a coat. But it’s a short trip. I think you should take just one. But I know you’ll want to take more. I like that one!
Julia: Ok, I’m going to take this one then.

Julia: How do you say “bufanda”? Do you like this one?
Jaimes: “Bufanda” is a Scarf, and yes, I like that one. This is mine.
Julia: Oh right, that was nice.
Jame: Thanks.
Julia: ¿Este “sweater” será que es muy informal?
James: Let me see… It is informal but I like it and I think it is perfect for the weather.
Julia: Anda how do you say “guantes” y “gafas de sol”? Quiero verme fashion
James: These are sunglasses.
Julia: Oh right, sunglasses.
James: And one of these is gloves. And you say I wank to look fashionable.
Julia: Ok, I wank to look fashionable.
James: Exactly. By the way, it’s a good idea to take sunscreen even if it’s cold.
Julia: Sunscreen? Ahh eso es protector solar Âżverdad?

James: Exactly. Are you taking those two pieces of luggage? Because I’m taking just this backpack.
Julia: I don’t know. Maybe I need to take a big one.
James: Of course. I can’t imagine. By the way, don’t forget about the passport, the credit card and the money. Have them ready.
Julia: Yes sir! I have them right here, my passport. The money and credit card I have them there in my wallet
James: Cool. I made the reservation for the Airbnb and I sent you the information to your email. Did you receive it?
Julia: Si. Lo tengo

James: Why don’t we practice what they will ask you in passport control?
Julia: Ok, shoot!
James: They say. Passport please?
Julia: Yes, here you go.
James: What’s your name?
Julia: My name is Julia Jaramillo
James: Can you spell your name please?
Julia: Yes - J-u-l-i-a, and the last name is J-a-r-a-m-i-double L-o
James: How long are you staying?
Julia: 1 week
James: What’s the reason for the trip?
Julia: Party! Just kidding, I would say: Vacations
James: Ok. How are you covering your expenses during your trip?
Julia: I brought my credit card and some money
James: Great, welcome to the US.
Julia: Thank you!

James: What recommendations would you make for our trip to NY? Which clothes would you take with you considering the current weather?

¡Un saludo, Platzinauta!👋🏻

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