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Identifica las sugerencias negativas (negative suggestions) que están en el texto. No mires la respuesta antes de terminar.

Reading comprehension — Diálogo

Ana: Hi John! Thanks for coming, How are you?
Jhon: Hey Ana! It’s nice to see you, after such a long time. How’s everything?
Ana: I’m doing good! But I am a bit stressed to be honest.
Jhon: Why? What’s up?
Ana: Well, you know it’s my boyfriend’s birthday in two weeks and I am trying to arrange a surprise party for him.
Jhon: Well, that sounds fun!
Ana: Well, yeah. But I need some help with the arrangements.
Jhon: Sure! How can I help?
Ana: Ummm, I’m not sure what to do about the food?
Jhon: Right. Let’s not cook this time. Last time we were so tired.
Ana: Hahaha… Oh, yes, I remember…
Jhon: We can get a catering company to provide a simple menu.
Ana: Great idea! And what about the guest list?
Jhon: Oh yes! I’m sure you have already decided that. But, let’s not invite that friend of yours. The one that got drunk last time, remember?
Ana: Oh yes… Let’s not do that. You’re right.
Jhon: And what about the decorations?
Ana: Mmm… Let’s not worry about that right now. My sister can help us with that.
Jhon: Ok! So, what about the cake? I like chocolate!
Ana: Yes, me too! But my boyfriend doesn’t like it. So let’s not go for a chocolate cake. Maybe a cheesecake?
Jhon: Oh yes! A New York cheesecake. Love it…
Ana: Wow! There’s so much to do and so less time.
Jhon: Hey! Let’s not get stressed out, ok? I’m here to help and we can plan an amazing party!


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