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Roleplay - Modules 4, 5, and 6


Lee el texto e identifica todo lo aprendido durante el contenido del curso:

  • Preposiciones “except (for)” y “apart from”
  • Preposición “as” para roles y propósitos
  • Verbo modal “would rather”
  • Prohibiciones con “may not”
  • Cuantificadores “few” y “little”

No mires la respuesta antes de terminar.

Diálogo: Bobby’s here!

Person 1: Hey Bobby. Welcome to our home. Please, come in.
Bobby: Thanks. It’s great to be here.
Person 2: BOBBY! So good to see you! It’s been a few years since the last time we saw each other.
Bobby: That’s right.
Person 2: We’re happy you could make it for dinner tonight. Come with me, take a seat.
Bobby: Me too! I’m glad I can see some friendly faces before I leave. I couldn’t visit anyone except for my family.
Person 2: When are you going back to Boston?
Bobby: I have to be there on Monday. I only had a few days of vacation. Working as a professor is not easy. Apart from summer vacations, we have little time to rest. We always have work to do.
Person 1: At least you had a few days. And you can fly on Sunday. Before, it could take hours to get there, but now it’s faster.
Bobby: Oh, for sure. It’s way better now.
Person 2: Are you hungry? Dinner is ready. We ordered pizza! Honey, would you rather eat here at the table or outside?
Person 1: I’d rather eat outside. It’s a lovely night.
Person 1: Let’s go then. I’ll take the pizza there. Just one thing, Bobby. We may not give the dog pizza. He’ll ask, but he always feels sick when he eats pizza.
Person 2: So, tell us. How’s life in Boston?
Bobby: Fabulous! Apart from my dream job, I met great people. And the city is also unbelievable.
Person 2: I went there once for a business trip a few years ago. I was impressed by how organized it was.
Bobby: But sometimes I miss our town a little bit. Traffic could be crazy there.
Person 2: There you go. They sent these carton pieces that can be used as plates.
Bobby: I’d rather eat with my hands. It’s easier.
Person 1: Hahahha Yeah, I guess me too.
Person 2: Uhm… It’s delicious. So Bobby, tell us more about Boston and your job there…


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