Writing project!



Writing project!

Now, it’s time to use all the knowledge you have practiced throughout this workshop. The best way to show our understanding is by using the information we acquired, create our own examples and communicate our ideas with what we have learned.

Because of the importance of using what we have practiced, we would like you to create a story of any kind. Yes! A story! To do so, select 10 of the different topics you saw during the classes of this workshop and create your story using all those important structures. You can select the topics that you like the most; the ones you feel most comfortable with. After selecting these topics, it’s time to free your imagination and start writing your story which needs to be 2-page long (400 to 500 words) and share it with all the community in the comments section of this class. You can upload a PDF file with the story or you can present it as you like the most.

There’s not a deadline for this task. Take your time! A great writing exercise takes time so, there’s no need to hurry.

So, remember:

  • Select minimum 10 topics of this workshop.
  • Use those topics, free your imagination and create a story of any kind.
  • This story needs to be 2 page long (500 to 700 words)
  • Take your time! There’s no need to hurry!
  • As soon as it’s finished, great! Share it with the community in the comments sections of this class!
  • Take a look at some other stories shared by the rest of the community and practice your reading and comprehension skills.

It’s time to write!

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