Practice: the numbers 1-30



Look at the pictures and select the correct answer.

1. There are ____ kittens.

a) Nine
b) One
c) Four
d) Ten

2. There are ____ apples.

a) Eleven
b) Sixteen
c) Twenty
d) Twenty-four

3. There are ____ golf balls.

a) Thirteen
b) Thirty
c) Twenty-three
d) Three

4. There are ____ cupcakes.

a) Twelve
b) Eight
c) Six
d) Four

5. There are ____ robots.

a) Two
b) Seven
c) Fifteen
d) Five

6. There are ____ books.

a) Three
b) Four
c) Five
d) Six

7. There are ____ hands.

a) Ten
b) Nine
c) Eighteen
d) Seven

8. There are ____ roses.

a) Twelve
b) Fourteen
c) Sixteen
d) Eighteen

9. There are ____ cups.

a) Seventeen
b) Twenty-eight
c) Nineteen
d) Twenty-one

10. There are ____ balloons.

a) Thirty
b) Twenty-nine
c) Fifteen
d) Twenty-five

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  1. There are four kittens. C
  2. There are twenty apples. C
  3. There are thirteen golf balls. A
    4.There are eight cupcakes. B
  4. There are five robots. D
  5. There are six books. D
  6. There are ten hands. A
  7. There are fourteen roses. B
  8. There are nineteen cups. D
  9. There are thirty ballons. A

1.There are four kittens
2.There are twenty apples
3.There are thirteen golf balls
4.There are four cupcakes
5.There are five robots
6.There are six books
7.There are ten hands
8.There are fourteen roses
9.There are nineteen cups
10.There are thirty balloons

1- © There are FOUR kittens.

2- © There are TWENTY apples.

3- (A) There are THIRTEEN golf balls.

4- (B) There are EIGTH cupcakes.

5- ©There are FIVE robots.

6- (D)There are SIX books.

7 - (B)There are NINE hands.

8- (B) There are FOURTEEN roses.

9- © There are NINETEEN cups.

10- (A) There are THIRTY balloons

  1. FOUR
  4. EIGHT
  5. FIVE
  6. SIX
  7. NINE
  1. There are four kittens.
  2. There are twenty apples.
  3. There are thirteen golf balls.
  4. There are eight cupcakes.
  5. There are five robots.
  6. There are six books.
  7. There are ten hands.
  8. There are fourteen roses.
  9. There are nineteen cups.
  10. There are thirty balloons.